How to play Tetris?

Plates of different shapes made up of small squares fall one after another from the top of the screen. The player adjusts the position and direction of the boards so that they form a complete strip or strips at the bottom of the screen. These complete horizontal bars will then disappear to make room for the new falling boards. At the same time, the player is rewarded with points. The blocks that are not eliminated keep piling up. Once they reach the top of the screen, the player loses and the game is over.

What are T spins in Tetris?

The act of putting a T-square into a T-Slot and then rotating it before the block is locked.

How to do a T spin?

First, rotate the T to a vertical angle of 2 units wide, with the convex side facing left. After reaching the bottom, turn the T 90 times clockwise, that is, tap the ↑ arrow key, and the T will turn into the slit in an unusual way, eliminating two lines to reach the T-Spin.

What is the highest score in Tetris?

The highest score is 999,999 points, and only eight confirmed players can boast such a score