How to play Minesweeper​?

Minesweeper game is a grid in which you tap all the grids that do not have mines. All operations can be done by relying on the mouse. Left click to open the grid. If the grid is mined, it fails. If there are mines in the eight grids around the grid, the number of mines is displayed. If there are no mines, the surrounding grids are opened directly. Right click to mark the grid.

How to beat Minesweeper?

The essence of the minesweeper game is to finish the game in the shortest possible time, and there are two main points to reach the shortest possible time.
1. Reduce the number of clicks. When there are multiple operations to choose from, choose the most efficient operation. That is, the operation with the fewest clicks and the most open squares.
2. Reduce movement. After all, only the click can be useful for carrying out the situation, the movement between two clicks is meaningless. This requires you to plan an order of execution when there are multiple operations to choose from in a partial, with as few detours as possible and less movement back and forth.

How to place flags in google minesweeper?

To mark a square that you guess might have a mine, right-click on it and a small flag will appear for that square.

What do the numbers mean in minesweeper?

The number in the minesweeper represents the number of mines in the 8 squares around that square.

First, tap a square. If it is 2 it means it has two mines around it. If it is 5, it means that there are 5 mines around it, and so on. If a square is 3 and there are already three mines around it, it means there are no more mines around it, so you can go without worry!

What is a good time for minesweeper expert?

The authoritative Minesweeper game used to adopt a limit for its national ranking of 6 seconds for beginners, 35 seconds for intermediates and 99 seconds for experts.

How rare is an 8 in minesweeper?

Minesweeper Expert has 480 squares with 99 mines. The first point location will not have mines, the other 479 squares randomly set mines. If the first point position is not the edge position, then the probability of all mines around is

99*98*… *92/479/478/… /471=0.00000264