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Text Twist is a scrabble game where players need to form as many words as possible using a given six letters within 2 minutes. Text Twist 2 is an updated version of this game, the only difference being that the word length has been increased, from six letters to ten.

How many rounds does Text Twist have?

5 rounds. Each round of the game gives players only 2 minutes to form as many words as possible from the letters given.

How do you unlock untimed Text Twist 2?

When you have 1000 twists, keep pressing the “Twist” button to start an unlimited Text Twist 2 game.

What is Super Text Twist?

In Super Text Twist, the player has to unscramble all the letters given to form as many words as possible. Use all the letters to proceed to the next level.

Where can I download Text Twist 2?

Download link for mobile version: Text Twist.
You can also play online for free in this Text Twist on your computer.

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