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what is wordle?

Wordle’s interface may look familiar to you – it looks like Crossword. Yes, in terms of classification, Wordle and Crossword puzzles are both Word puzzles. In English-speaking countries, word puzzles have a long history and a wide audience, and there are many variations, of which the Crossword is the most representative.

In comparison, Wordle is greatly simplified in difficulty and form. The game is updated daily and the player’s only goal is to guess a 5-letter word within six attempts.

There is a very interesting story about the birth of this game. The author of the game, Josh Wardle, is a software engineer living in Brooklyn, New York. His partner, Palak Shah, is particularly fond of crossword puzzles. To help her pass the time during the epidemic, Wardle developed this game.

Initially, the game was just a way to entertain himself in a two-person world. Last October, Wardle posted the game to a family group chat on WhatsApp, and it caused relatives to become obsessed. That gave Wardle a sense of the game’s potential to spread, and it was posted to the Internet in October. By early January, the number of players challenging Wordle each day had reached 2 million.

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How To Play Wordle?

The game’s interface is an array of 5×6 squares. After the player enters a guess via the keyboard below, the game colors the letter squares to indicate the accuracy of the guess. In other words, each word you try gives you some clues about the letters you have to unscramble in your next move.

What do the colors mean in Wordle?
  • A green letter means the right letter is in the right place.
  • A yellow letter means it’s in the word but is in the wrong place.
  • A grey letter means it’s not in the word.

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Why is Wordle so popular?

Firstly, Wordle only updates one title a day, and this artificial scarcity enhances players’ desire for challenge and anticipation. Secondly, Wordle’s sharing function is cleverly designed. The use of emoji blocks to refer to the game results is not only highly recognizable, but also easy to spread and avoids spoilers. In addition, the traditional popularity of word puzzles in Europe and the United States and the easy-to-use game design have all contributed to Wordle’s popularity to a certain extent.

For most people, Wordle is a time-wasting puzzle game. But just like the word puzzle game Scrabble, it takes a certain amount of English vocabulary and vocabulary knowledge to get to the top of the game.



6 hints to always win at Wordle

  1. Use vowels: There are a few, longer words that have syllables that don’t contain a vowel sound or a vowel letter, but generally every word and every syllable has a vowel sound. When guessing vowels, start with e first, then the other vowels as listed in the most commonly used list.
  2. Use normal words: Wordle is fairly conservative in the words it uses, with around 2,000 possible answers and 13,000 potential guesses. It is better to learn some Wordle word dictionary.
  3. Don’t forget your Js and Zs: The letters J and Z always trip people up. They’re both fairly rare and it’s not always obvious when you need one to complete a word or phrase. Don’t guess a Z or a J at the very beginning, but keep them in mind as you play.
  4. Don’t forget plurals, particularly “es”: Plurals are the bedrock of any good word-based game, and Wordleis no exception.
  5. Wheel of Fortune rules works: On Wheel of Fortune, the free letters in the bonus round are RSTLNE, you’d assume these are the most common.
  6. Use a Wordle solver tool: If all these tips fail, try a Word Finder or Anagram Solver. This is a tool to help you pick the best next answer. After entering the letters, the tool will show you the complete wordle word list that match the requirements.

What is the most common Wordle starting words?

Although Bill Gates recommends starting the day with a Wordle that contains many vowels, such as AUDIO or OUNCE.
The New York Times, which acquired Wordle, gave a similar strategy in February, whereby words used as starters need to contain three vowel letters.
And recently a different voice has been heard. Wordlebot, the New York Times’ new Wordle strategy analysis robot, says the best starting words are SLATE, CRANE, TRACE, SLANT, CRATE and CARTE.
And the MIT study found that the statistically superior starting word is SALET.

Games like wordle

  • Dordle: Dordle (opens in new tab) gives you seven tries to guess two words.
  • Quordle: Quordle gives you nine tries to guess four words. Each guess you make appears in all four puzzles, so focusing on a single word means you’re still burning through your guesses in the other puzzles.
  • Octordle: Octordle gives you 13 tries to guess 8 words.


Are letters used twice in Wordle?

Yes. Letters can be used twice.

When will Wordle refresh the new word?

The daily word refreshes each day at 12 a.m. local time, so come back for another game within 24 hours if your first guess doesn’t work out.

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