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Spelling Bee Solver Enter the Spelling Bee letters with the center letter first:

Spelling Bee is a word game that The New York Times Company began printing in 2014 and went live on the app side in 2018. The company’s launch also includes word games such as The Crossword, Wordle, The Mini Crossword and the visual-based challenges Tiles and Vertex.

How to Play Spelling Bee?

Spelling Bee is a very simple game where each puzzle is a 7-frame honeycomb with one letter in the middle and 6 other letters surrounding it. All you have to do is use these 7 letters to form any word with more than 4 letters. The middle letter must appear in all your answers. I have to say, this game reminds me of my childhood favorite, Boggle.

How is Spelling Bee scored?

Words with four letters count as one point each. Words with more than four letters count as the number of letters in the word. For example, a 6-letter word is worth 6 points. Words in which all the given letters are used at least once are called pangrams and are worth 10 points each.

How do I use Spelling Bee Solver?

You just need to enter the letters given in the puzzle in order. Remember to enter the letter in the middle first. All the answers will appear at the bottom for you to choose from.

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