Snake Game

snake game

What is the Snake Game?

Players need to control the direction of the snake’s head to eat the eggs. The snake will become longer and longer after eating the egg.

How to win snake game?

  1. “Z” position is the safest. Z-shaped position, it is easier to let the snake attacking you go to a small angle in the space, forming a dead end. Finally, it does not have enough space to turn back and has to crash into your snake. At this point you can take the opportunity to slip away or turn around and eat the soy beans he has turned into.
  2. Advance along your own snake body. When there is not enough space to front, or too many snakes attacking you, and you have some length, you can choose to turn back and go along the direction of your own snake body. Because other snakes don’t dare to hit you, they will die if they hit you, while you yourself can go through your own body at will. You can turn back and walk along your own body to avoid attacks.
  3. Snake walk into the attack and back. Continuously maintain the snake route, is a way to go into the attack can be defended. You can quickly avoid the attacks of other snakes and have the opportunity to find the beans in the corner. And, the snake walk can form a dead end on the map to lure other snakes in and crash to death oh.

What is the world record for snake game?

What is the world record for snake game small map?

87 score in 43s 320ms.

What is the world record for snake game peaceful mode?