Online Spider Solitaire

WinPuzzles Online Spider Solitaire

How to play Spider Solitaire?

The goal of the game is to sort out and remove the ten stacks of cards and the five groups to be dealt, totaling eight decks of cards in the least number of moves. When all the cards are removed and sorted to the top right of the interface, the game wins.

How to play Spider Solitaire:

1. Move the card

The small card can be moved to a card that is one greater than it.

For example, move card 7 to card 8, hold down the left mouse button, and drag to card 8. The original card 7 will show the next card.

how to move cards in spider solitaire
how to move cards in spider solitaire

2. Deal the cards

When you move to the point where you can no longer move, you can click the top left cards to “deal”.

After the cards are dealt, there is one more card displayed on each column.

how to deal cards in spider solitaire

3. Sort out the cards

Assemble 13 cards of a suit, in descending sequence from king through ace. 

If the cards have two suits, the cards of the same color can only be arranged in descending order from K to Ace before they can be put away.

How to score Spider Solitaire?

The score is calculated with a starting score of 500.

-1 points for each card moved.

100 points for each suit completed.

What’s the difference between solitaire and spider solitaire?

In Spider Solitaire, you are trying to get cards from King to Ace of the same suit. Once you put them together, they make piles at the bottom of the screen and you have to make 8 of those to win.
For Solitaire, you are trying to get the suits to (somewhat intertwin) or go opposite like red, black, red, black and also drag them up to their own suits.
Spider Solitaire – you just put them in their proper pile anywhere
Solitaire – you are intertwining them as well as dragging them up into their proper suits.

What is the best score in Spider Solitaire?

The best score in Spider Solitaire is 1254.

What is the fewest moves to win Spider Solitaire?

The minimum number of moves would be 52.