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How to play Solitaire?

WinPuzzles Online Solitaire free classic Klondike
  1. Arrange the stacks in descending order.
  2. The colors of the cards in the column must be black and red.
  3. Click the card pile to automatically issue movable cards from the card pile.
  4. Construct four stacks of cards on the “target card grid” at the top right of the playing area.
  5. Each set has a stack, and each stack of cards is arranged in ascending order from A to K.

How to score Solitaire?

Score based on time and moves:

  • 10 points for each card moved to a suit stack.
  • 5 points for each card moved from the deck to a row stack.
  • 5 points for each card turned face-up in a row stack.
  • 3 points for each card moved from one row stack to another.
  • -2 points for each 10 seconds elapsed during a timed game.
  • -15 points for each card moved from a suit stack to a row stack.
  • -20 points for each pass through the deck after four passes (Draw Three option).
  • -100 points for each pass through the deck after one pass (Draw One option).
  • You receive a bonus when you complete a timed game. The shorter the game, the larger the bonus.

Is every game of Solitaire winnable?

No. There is some fixed theoretical percentage that each solitaire game has. On average, around 80% of every Solitaire game is winnable.

What is a good score in Solitaire?

  • 250-274 = Fair;
  • 275-299 = Getting Better; 
  • 300-324 = Good;
  • 325-349 = Very Good;
  • 350-374 = Excellent

What is the fastest time to finish Solitaire?

The World Record for fastest Solitaire game is 5 SECONDS!

What is the fewest number of moves in Solitaire?

  • In 1 card deal, one will have to make at least 76 moves to win a solitaire game.
  • In 3 card deal, one will have to make at least 60 moves to win a solitaire game.

What is the classic solitaire called?

Klondike, also known as Canfield. It is a patience or solitaire card game with a very low probability of winning.

Is winning Solitaire a skill or luck?

Most Solitaire does have an element of luck, and a good or bad start determines the probability of success. But there are some solitaire that are purely skill-based, such as Freecell.

How many rows in solitaire?

Traditionally Solitaire is of 7 rows. The number of cards in each column increases from left to right. The first column on the left has one card, the second column has two cards, the third column has three cards, and so on, until column 7 has seven cards.