Space Pinball Fantasy Online

What is the goal of the Space Pinball Game?

Players launch balls and then win as many points as possible by hitting buffers, targets and flags.

How to play Space Pinball Online?


Use the keyboard left and right keys (← →) to control the left and right flaps.

Long press the left mouse button to launch the ball.

On Smartphone

Long press the screen to launch the ball.

Tap the left or right side of the screen to control the left and right baffles.

What is the rules of Pinball game?

How to get a high score on Pinball?

Make the bouncing ball go through the “re-entry course” to light up all three lights at the top, three above the attack buffer, and three to the left of the launch buffer, which will change color (blue, green, yellow, and red from low to high) to get more points. Gently launch the ball so that it lights up the three dispatch lights on the right launch track and you get 75,000 points. Make the ball go through the hyperspace ramp to rotate the flag.

How do you cheat on Pinball?

Before teeing off.

Extra point ball: Enter 1max before launching the ball.

Infinite ball: Enter bmax before launching the ball.

Start Gravity Well: Enter gmax before launching the ball.

Immediately advance: enter rmax before launching the ball.

Marbles follow the mouse: Enter hidden test before launching the ball.

In game.

High score list: Press “H” during the game (second place will be displayed with one billion points).

Immediate advancement: Press “R” during the game.

What is the longest Pinball game?

48 consecutive hours.

The longest marathon playing Pinball is 48 hours, and was achieved by Wayne Tedder (Canada) in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, on 21 October 2021. (Guinness World Record)