2048 online

How to play 2048?

Players can choose one of the directions to slide up, down, left and right each time. Each time you swipe, all the numbered squares will move closer together in the direction you swipe. The system will randomly appear a number square in the blank space, the same number square will add up after touching. Players will succeed when they reach 2048, and fail if the opposite is true.

How to beat 2048 every time?

The secret to winning 2048 is to identify only two directions of movement and to always put the big numbers at the bottom.

For example, at the beginning of the game, you will decide to move only to the lower right corner. That is, only move the random number to the right or down each time. If you really can’t move it, you can move it once to the left or down. Then continue to move the number that pops up to the right or down. Stick to this principle and you will find that your number matrix slowly becomes an isometric series with the bottom right corner as the maximum. Soon you will have 2048 in the bottom right corner.

What is the highest score in 2048?

The highest score in 2048 is 131072.

What is the lowest score in 2048?

The lowest score in 2048 is 0. But it’s actually hard to get below 100 points.