Reversi / Othello

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How to play Reversi?

Reversi is played by flipping each other’s pieces, and the winner is determined by who has the most pieces on the board.

The Rules

  1. The player with the black disc goes first, and both players alternate moves.
  2. A legal move consists of landing a new disc in a space and flipping one or more of your opponent’s discs.
  3. Between the newly landed disc and the existing discs of the same color on the board, all discs of the opponent that are pinned should be flipped. This can be done horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. The pinned position must be filled with all of the opponent’s discs, with no spaces.
  4. A move can be flipped in several directions, and the player must flip all the pinned discs.
  5. Unless a player has flipped at least one of his opponent’s discs, he may not make a move. If a player has no legal moves, i.e. he cannot flip at least one of his opponent’s discs no matter where he goes, then he forfeits the round and his opponent continues to play until he has a legal move to make.
  6. If a player has at least one legal move to make, he must make the move and may not forfeit.
  7. The game continues until the board is filled by both players or until both players have no legal moves to play.

How do you win Reversi every time?

Please make sure you keep the following three points in mind.

  1. The corner position is the most important in Othello! You must give priority to occupy the corner.
  2. The grid immediately adjacent to the corner should never be occupied!
  3. Edges are second only to corners in Othello!

Is Othello the same as Reversi?